About Me

This is what I do.

As a dancer, Samarah is known for her fluidity and warm engaging stage presence. Her dance is classic with modern touches. She stays true to the feelings of the music and expresses it on stage. Samarah was one of the choreographers for Shimmy Mob, where she won second place for her dance set to OP by Tarkan. Her dance has been danced by thousands in over nine countries around the world. Students love the energy and enthusiasm Samarah brings to her belly dance classes. She instills in her students the importance of understanding the music and feeling you would want to share with others. Samarah has the ability to be able to break down and explain movements in a variety of ways, so everyone can reach their potential. Samarah continually seeks further training in not only middle eastern dance, but in all forms of dance.

Samarah started dancing in a small town in Ontario, Canada. She signed up with her mother looking for something to do together. They had no idea what to expect! Samarah fell in love with the movements, the music, and the culture. Believing that dance is a life-long process and a passion, she is always working to hone her technique and vocabulary in dance. Through her studies she has developed her own unique style with a progressive twist. She seeks out private lessons and workshops regularly to improve upon her foundation. Over the years, her talent as an instructor and choreographer combined with her unique style has captivated audiences.

Samarah and her troupe, Luna Habibi, perform in many shows throughout the year. She creates dynamic choregraphies for her dancers to show the history and specific movements in belly dance.

Training and Certifications

Bianca—Body balance, weight training

Melanie LaJoie—Raqs Sharqi Teacher Training level 1

Mindy—Teacher Training level 1-2 and Understanding Rhythms

Sadie Marquardt—Classic Raqs Sharqi level 1 certified

Ahmed Hussein—Drum Solo and Oriental Style

Yvonne Pereira—Salimpour Format

Nadirah Johara—Drum Solo and Belly Dance Basics

Jasmin Jahal—Golden Era and Veil

Apryl Grace—American Tribal Style

Arish Iam—Theatrical Tribal Style

Bozenka—Oriental Style

Ebony Qualls—Choreography and Fusion

Zaira Raks—Classical Style

Zorba—Veil and Finger Cymbals

Amara—Belly Dance Basics